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We help marketing directors, marketing vps, and chief marketing officers define digital marketing strategies and implement initiatives that drive results.

Website Design, Development, and Search Engine Optimization

We built responsive, mobile-friendly websites that deliver results.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, social media, and any other digital medium.


What We Do

Digital Marketing Strategy

Many organizations are actively involved in multiple digital channels, yet have no overarching strategy.  We will help define a clear strategy that leverages each digital channel for its strengths while maximizing your marketing budget.

We'll help to define objectives, benchmark existing progress, review channels, streamline processes, and roll out a cohesive, comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Strategy

If your organization is using social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, a comprehensive social media strategy is a critical component to your success.  We will help define a clear strategy that leverages each social network for its strength.

We'll define objectives, benchmark existing progress, streamline processes, and roll out a cohesive, comprehensive social media strategy.  Another important component is to define social media policy for your employees which we have done successfully for clients and have seen excellent results.

Social Media Management

We will act as an administrator for channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or other important sites.

Deliverables include ideas and campaign-concepts, copy-writing and editing, schedules and time-lines, professional graphics and videos, managing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, responding to community feedback, data analytics, and benchmarking for decision makers.

Responsive, Mobile Design

The focus has shifted from desktop to mobile browsing.  More than half of site visits are on smart phones.  Responsive website design adjusts your content to the screen on which it is being displayed so your audience can see it more clearly.

Sites which are not mobile-friendly now have their search rank lowered by Google.  We will design and build a site that is easily read by your viewers no matter what device they are viewing it on.

Data Analytics

We will deliver the data you need to demonstrate increased productivity to your board.  Leveraging existing data through analytics is a critical way to set your organization apart.  We have worked with some of the nations' leading companies to brainstorm possibilities, outline opportunities, and implement winning big data solutions.

Often, properly utilizing data you already collect, will make your organization a thought-leader, increasing your exposure through news media and social networking.

Website Maintenance

Keeping your site current with updates such as news, events, new products, and services is vital for communicating with existing clients and prospective clients. Frequent updates are also an important factor in search engine ranking.

Sites that have dated information and infrequent updates are ranked lower by most search engines. We will build a content management system (CMS) site that gives you control to make your own updates, or we will provide a monthly retainer service to do updates for you.

30 years of professional experience

Digital Marketing Expertise

Herrmann Group Digital Marketing (HGDM) has worked with many of the world's leading companies to develop and execute digital strategies and boost the bottom line.  Dirk ran a successful NY/NJ agency with a team of twenty professionals.  In this second chapter of his life, Dirk Herrmann chose to walk away from the demands of running an agency and to work independently, still utilizing his vast network of professionals as needed.  He now offers his expertise on a one-on-one consulting basis.

Dirk Herrmann has worked with leading companies including Automatic Data Processing, ADT, Calvin Klein, Ebel, EisnerAmper, Forbes, Johnson & Johnson, PKF O'Connor Davies, RKCO, and Verizon Wireless.

Dirk Herrmann has also worked on projects for many associations and non-profit organizations including UNICEF, Catholic Charities, Jewish Development Relief Fund (JDRF), Little Hill Foundation, and Mrs. Wilson's Treatment Services.

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How We Help...

Data-driven solutions are the key to getting the most for your marketing dollars. Herrmann Group Digital Marketing will work with you to craft a strategy that boosts your business.

Do you need a digital marketing strategy?    We will help you to maximize your efforts.

Is your website optimized for mobile?   We will optimize it for all devices.

Is your website ranking well on Google?   We will get you noticed.

Do you need a social media strategy?    We will create one, and implement it too.

Is someone dedicated to posting on social media?   We do that for clients.

What policy?   Contact Us right now.

Need a new website?   We will design, build, and maintain it.

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What Clients Say?

Dirk Herrmann has always brought us innovative ideas and practical solutions to our digital marketing challenges.  They are a trusted and valued partner.


Social Media Management Retainer

Dirk Herrmann created daily posts using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to increase visibility for the client.  This twenty-hour per month retainer transformed their digital marketing landscape resulting in, hundreds-of-thousands of new impressions in a twelve-month period.

social media management

Value Series Videos

We recorded a dozen of the client's principals, partners, and associates for this series of twenty-two interviews.  The one-to-two minute vignettes are shared through social media channels to reinforce the company's thought leadership position in the accounting and advisory industry.

Website Design and Maintenance

Dirk Herrmann redesigned the website and provided daily site maintenance using a secure, VPN connection to the client's Sitecore enterprise CMS.

website maintenance services

Corporate Videos

Dirk Herrmann produced many videos for ADP and ADP Insurance Services.  Here are few samples:

Website Design and Development, a small US based manufacturing company needed to compete in the worldwide marketplace which now includes Nikon.  Dirk Herrmann built a new site which uses video to demonstrate the complex video measurement systems and x-ray measurement systems that Optek designs and builds.


website design services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After launching their new site, Dirk Herrmann embarked on an SEO campaign to improve search ranking.  Within six months, their top-ten keyword phases improved from page six to page one.

website design and SEO

Website Design and Content Management System (CMS)

REIS needed a new HubSpot CMS back-end, as well as full integration for both non-authenticated and authenticated users on the front end of the new site.  Dirk Herrmann designed the site, implemented the Hubspot integration, created new video content, and ran a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign to launch the site.

As a result, REIS was recently acquired by Moody's, the Fortune 1000 credit rating agency.

website design and development

Quarterly Video Series

Dirk Herrmann transformed quarterly data which was previous published in PDF format into a quarterly video series.  The new videos brought greater exposure for the client when the Wall Street Journal began quoting their statistics on a quarterly basis.  This solidified their position as an industry thought leader and helped increase revenues.  Here are a few samples.