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Dirk Friedrich Herrmann graduated college on a typewriter just as Apple launched the Macintosh.  In order to catch up with the tech world, he taught himself the skills needed to compete in this new environment.  At the start of his career, he helped design, build, and launch the first intranet site for Johnson & Johnson.  Two years later, he created what SONY called the world's first portable interactive sales presentation for Forbes Magazine.  Dirk was a beta tester for Apple QuickTime, Adobe Premiere and Macromedia Director. He built and ran a twenty-person digital marketing agency, serving as President and CEO of NY/NJ based MurrayMedia.

In the early part of his career as an information architect, he worked on dozens of projects for major projects for companies like ADP, ADT, Calvin Klein, Ebel, EisnerAmper, Forbes, Johnson & Johnson, PKF O'Connor Davies, RKCO, and Verizon Wireless.  Dirk Herrmann's non-profit clients include UNICEF, Little Hill Foundation, and Mrs. Wilson's Treatment Services.

Several of Dirk Herrmann's mid-sized business clients successfully positioned themselves for mergers and acquisitions.  A year after completing a 400 page new site and re-branding initiative, RKCO (the nations' twenty-seventh largest accounting and advisory firm) sold to KPMG.  Eisner, a mid-sized company, merged with Amper to form EisnerAmper, to form one of the top twenty accounting firms in the nation.  Dirk Herrmann's work with Chemical Banking Corporation helped position them for merger to form JP Morgan Chase.  When four cell phone companies merged for form Verizon-Wireless, Dirk Herrmann's agency was tapped to consolidate the digital assets of the four companies.  This brought over 30,000 pages of content under one unified brand experience.

Dirk Herrmann recently moved to Alexandria, VA to marry the love of his life, a Foreign Service Officer who has been battling cancer while raising her children as a single mother.  Dirk is a proud FS spouse who relishes in doing his part to ensure his wife accomplishes her dream of going from refugee to Senior Foreign Service.

Dirk Herrmann - president HGDM
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